The tennis is Based on the shiny and thick layer.

We appreciate the position of the grip, distance between it and the foam layer that pack in the rapper the outer layer of the racket is thick and hard, shiny layer the ball hit it easily.

The three layer fiber High Quality racket.

Best quality design rackets and good stokes of table tennis rackets that we have. we do not take bad quality rackets we have racets that are life times warranty.

Top grade racket Individual For Table Tennis.

The gaf tennis are very best tennis and grip of it is very easy grip and soft grip.

The manufacturing process begins with the creation of the moulds for the handle, frame, and striking surface. Moulds are typically made of steel or aluminum and are designed based on the desired characteristics of the racket, such as its shape, weight distribution, and thickness.

There are four different types of moulds used in the production of padel rackets, each bringing a unique set of features to the finished product. Let’s dive deeper into these different types and their characteristics

The diamond mould creates a racket with a diamond shape. This shape tends to concentrate more weight towards the top of the racket, moving the sweet spot (the optimal hitting zone) higher. This characteristic enhances the power of the racket and allows for more aggressive play. It’s typically suited to advanced players who have developed the necessary precision to take full advantage of this design, as hitting the ball outside of the sweet spot can lead to less control

The handle and frame are typically constructed from carbon fiber, fiberglass, or a combination of both. Carbon fiber provides excellent rigidity and lightweight properties, contributing to the racket’s overall power and control. On the other hand, fiberglass offers flexibility and durability, making it a cost-effective alternative.

The basic structure of a padel racket consists of three elements: the handle, frame, and the striking surface. The selection of the materials is paramount to the performance, durability, and feel of the racket.

After layering the materials, a special resin is applied. The resin is used to bind the various layers together, providing additional rigidity and durability. The resin is carefully spread over the entire surface to ensure uniform coverage and bonding.

The Racket Is Based On The Project Concept.
We made any type of the table tennis racket. The soft grip of it make easy to play table tennis and easy to win the match.


A good racket have good look and shines.

Egg shaped Racket

Thickness 3.5cm
Wight  550g
Grip Thickness 2.8cm


Circular Racket

Thickness 3cm
Weight 500g
Grip 2.5cm